SharpEye Music Reader

SharpEye Music Reader 2.68

SharpEye Music Reader converts a scanned image of printed music into a MIDI file
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SharpEye Music Reader, is a program to make the task of converting printed music to MIDI, NIFF, or MusicXML files easier. This simple yet powerful tool with useful features for music lovers has no better replacement. Regular computer programs find it hard to convert printed music into editable files because of inevitable errors with complex music or when the input image is of poor quality. In contrast, with SharpEye you will find the same job effortless because it has been specially designed to check and correct the output before saving it as a music file.

The interface of the application includes an “input image” window and a “music output” window. In the music output window, the main menu and toolbar are displayed, whereas in the music output window the scanned image is displayed. This tool supports different options like music recognition, text recognition, rhythm analysis, MIDI, NIFF, music XML. Apart from that, this tool also supports features like batch processing, editing music, editing an image, displaying an image in zoomed mode, and a comprehensive help.

Surendra Keshav
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  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP or Vista
  • Supports conversion of printed music as MusicXML export and NIFF and MIDI
  • Supports a built in music notation editor
  • Batch process support


  • Does not support multiple languages
  • Costly
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